Songs You May Have Missed #646

Foreigner: “Starrider” (1977)

From Foreigner’s first, eponymous LP which, like that of Boston the previous year, helped well-crafted rock music–arena rock, if you will–stem the rising tide of punk and disco.

It was acts like Foreigner, Boston and Tom Petty that held the line for rock on the shifting musical landscape of the second half of the 70’s amid the raw, elemental anger of punk and the mostly vacuous lyrical thrust of disco.

“Corporate rock” took a contemporaneous critical beating, but its polish and professionalism were inarguable and the music continues to make new fans even today among kids who want an alternative to mumble rap, EDM and “bro country”.

Having said that, “Starrider” isn’t a typical Foreigner tune. While classic rock staples like “Feels Like the First Time” and “Cold as Ice” anchored the band’s debut, “Starrider”, with its harpsichord, synths, spacey effects and flanger-tinged drum propulsion, is a detour of light years from their typically guitar-and-hormone fueled and decidedly earthbound template.

I think it’s far out.

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