Songs You May Have Missed #679

Republic Tigers: “Latter Daisy” (2020)

“What’s especially fascinating about listening to the Republic Tigers’ Mind Over Matter with the knowledge of the last seven or eight years of musical history is the fact that, had it been released when originally intended, it would’ve been way ahead of the curve.”- The Pitch.

Yes, back when this blog first spotlighted Republic Tigers with 2008’s sweeping “Buildings & Mountains”, we mentioned that their second full-length release was expected in 2012.

Well, that second LP has been completed since 2012 but…stuff happens. Legal complications caused the band to shelve the record until 2020, and the amazing thing is how fresh and modern this time capsule of an album sounds despite a lack of remixing, remastering or tinkering of any kind.

And it’s not just in the sparkling arrangements or production. Lyrics such as  “It’s time we build a wall / that keeps us thinking small” from the lead track and single “Falco Peregrinus” seem prescient, as if written in the year of their ultimate release.

But to this listener’s ear, it’s “Latter Daisy” that’s the most infectious earworm on the album. Like the two previous Tigers songs this blog has featured, give this one a few listens and you’ll find it burrowing into your brain in the sweetest way.

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