Songs You May Have Missed #683

B.C. Camplight: “Suffer for Two (Dave Bascombe Radio Mix)” (2007)

Calling any B.C. Camplight song the “radio mix” is laughable because I’ve never heard any of his tunes on radio. He’s typically too quirky and experimental for even the independent airwaves.

But “Suffer for Two” is a bit more accessible than most of his material. If it piques your curiosity I’d recomment you check out his debut LP Hide, Run Away

If you’re ready to be challenged a little by his more idiosyncratic output, give 2015’s How to Die in the North or 2020’s Shortly After Takeoff a try. Sometimes it takes repeated listens, but eventually the hooks take hold. And the genius.

This is what Brian Wilson might have sounded like if he grew up someplace without drag racing and surfing.

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