Songs You May Have Missed #684

Pomplamoose: “Something About Us” (2019)

Formed in 2008 by (now married) Stanford students Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn, Pomplamoose are…uh…I think I’ll let them explain for themselves:

With over 1.2 million YouTube subscribers, Pomplamoose have carved a non-traditional niche as a band. They don’t rely on record companies, extensive touring or physical album sales, instead creating a new “videosong” every week for their YouTube channel, streaming their songs, and providing music for TV ads for companies such as Toyota and Hyundai.

They mix originals and an eclectic variety of covers and inspired mashups, placing them in fresh and often jazz-tinged settings.

Remarkably, the performance you see in a Pomplamoose video is the same that you hear–it is never a lip-synched re-enactment but an actual recording session.

Watch the session for the above “single”, a cover of Daft Punk’s “Something About Us”.

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