Remembering The Moody Blues’ Graeme Edge in 10 Songs

The Moody Blues’ drummer Graeme Edge died on Nov. 11. His poetic contributions to rock music are eternal. Kevin Winter/Getty

(via the Dallas Observer) by Vincent Arrieta

Of all the bands in the 1960s that cracked open the colors of new musical possibilities, few are as underappreciated as The Moody Blues. The Moodies are widely beloved but taken for granted. They’ve had a crop of hit singles that still receive rotation on classic rock radio, but the band is seldom mentioned in the same breath as some of their less theatrical and more acclaimed peers.

Sure, The Beatles technically did it first, and bands such as Pink Floyd, Electric Light Orchestra and Deep Purple took it further, but The Moody Blues will always be able to lay claim to the fact that they were the first rock ‘n’ roll band to record an entire album piece with a full orchestra.

In many ways, it was all because of Graeme Edge…

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