Omicron’s Blow to Live Music

Miikka Skaffari / FilmMagic / Getty

(via The Atlantic) by Ryan Miller

Postponing our tour was a hard decision, but it was the right one.

My iPhone note “Guster tour, Pros & Cons” was becoming more and more lopsided.

Our impending club tour, booked nine months ago after a COVID-halted March 2020 run, was in peril. We assumed then—it seems like a lifetime ago—that winter of 2022 would allow us plenty of time to present a tour that was safe for both us and our fans. Other bands made similar plans as our industry attempted, once again, to regain a foothold after the crushing Delta wave. Tickets for our shows went surprisingly fast, and a few rooms sold out almost immediately. Despite a pandemic that continued to dominate the news cycle, our workplaces, and our home lives, our fans seemed eager to jump into the mass of humanity that is a rock concert…

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