Songs You May Have Missed #724

Magna Carta: “Life in the Old Dog” (2015)

British progressive folk rockers Magna Carta released 2015’s Fields of Eden on the actual date of the signing of the Magna Carta 800 years later, and few expected an album of its caliber 40+ years after the release of the band’s most iconic LP, Lord of the Ages.

But you can never write off the man who’s been called “the English Paul Simon”, singer/tunesmith Chris Simpson. Clearly there is life in the old dog yet.

I went out last night with a friend of mine,
I bought eight, and he drank nine
Just a shootin’ the breeze and we were havin’ us a good time too
Talkin’ bout women and days gone by, and the feel of the road and an open sky
And a guitar hummin’ like only a guitar do
But we lied about the times we scored and laughed the night away
It’s all dependin’ on your point of view
They can’t take away you’re memories and I’m happy to raise the bet
So watch out, there’s life in the old dog yet

Time waits for no man and the rest, you’re sometimes cursed and often blessed
And the women all look a little bit older, that’s for sure
Partying nights and truckin’ all day, saints and sinners and easy lays
You just hang on in and take it as it comes along
There are those that say, you’ve had your day, and you’ve come to the end of the line
Well that’s dependin’ on you’re point of view and if you
Sail through heavy weather, chances are you might get wet
So what, there’s life in the old dog yet

There’s a face in the mirror I know so well a few more lines, a touch of frost, I can
Tell it’s me and I’ve sure put on a year or two
And I met this kid out on the street, he said hey old man I got you beat, I said
Raise your glass and we’ll have ourselves a drink or three
As the morning sun came through the door he measured his length on the baroom floor
He never understood my point of view
But he lifted his head as they carried him out, with a look I shalln’t forget
Tough luck son, there’s life in the old dog yet

A good man knows when his time is come and turns his back on the things he’s done
And gets a little worried ’bout the devil who’s a keepin’ score
The hardest part is the sweet regret that comes to haunt us all in the wakin’ hours
And tends to stay right with us, til the dawn
There are things you should remember, there are things you’d best forget
It’s all depending on your point of view
There are fishes in the ocean, but a few have slipped the net
Well thank god I’m one, there’s life in the old dog yet oh yeah yeah
Thank god I’m one, there’s life in the old dog yet

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