Quora: What Was the Beatles’ Most Badass Moment?

(via Quora) Answered by Marty Shupert

What was the Beatles’ most badass moment?

There are quite a few. I’ll add a few. Someone told them “Hey Jude” wasn’t going to work because no one would play a song that was longer than 7 minutes. John said, “They will if it’s us.”

Thinking about this, that presser when they came to the U.S. for the very first time… you would think they might be rather timid, shy, worried, not wanting to come off as anything other than 4 wonderful lads. A reporter said something to the effect of, “There’s considerable doubt that you boys can even sing.” Without hesitating a nanosecond, Lennon deadpanned, “We need money first.”

During another presser, a reporter suggested that “Eleanor Rigby” was about a lesbian and “Lady Madonna” was about a prostitute, implying that this was not the type of thing that a pop band should be writing about (impressionable children and all that). Asking, “Why do you want to write about these things?” Paul, this time, deadpanned, “Because we enjoy writing about lesbians and prostitutes.”

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