The Best of “Unchained Melody”–A Love Song For the Ages

(via Goldmine)

(via Goldmine) by Bill Bronk

Bring together and meld a powerful, hauntingly beautiful melody with a lyric that touches the soul…and you have “Unchained Melody,” an honest, tender and unapologetic ode to love and longing.

Adapted from composer Alex North’s film score for the 1955 movie Unchained, the lyrics were written by Tin Pan Alley lyricist and composer Hy Zaret. Burdened with an inauspicious beginning in a mostly unknown black and white “B” movie, “Unchained Melody” went on to become an iconic and timeless love song for the ages.


Oh, my love, my darling, I’ve hungered for your touch, a long, lonely time.

And time goes by so slowly and time can do so much, Are You Still Mine?

I need your love,__ I need your love,__God speed your love__ to me.


Lonely rivers flow__to the sea,__to the sea, To the open arms__of the sea

Lonely rivers sigh,__”Wait for me__wait for me!, I’ll be coming home,__wait for me”!

Lyric by Hy Zaret

There’s a story behind every song… and this one is fascinating. Beloved around the world, “Unchained Melody” began its heralded journey in 1954. As reported in The Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, California) on June 28, 1954: “Hall Bartlett, producer of ‘Unchained’, which will start filming July 6 at the California Institute for Men, will have Alex North as the composer and conductor of the film”.

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