Songs You May Have Missed #730

Modest Midget: “Troubles in Heaven” (2010)

From the Dutch progressive/pop fusion band Modest Midget’s 2010 debut, The Great Prophecy of a Small Man.

“Troubles in Heaven” is mostly built around a single infectious motif, but with enough key modulations to keep it fresh and enough stylistic pivots to make you wish you could have a look at songwriter/vocalist Lionel Ziblet’s record collection.

The instrumental break is a swerving musical rollercoaster ride: Zappa-esque for a moment…timpani fills…then country fiddle. Then synth. Then a bit of straight-ahead rock and roll guitar. Then a second, middle eastern-sounding breakdown–klezmer music? (Ziblet grew up in Israel).

I guarantee you’ve heard nothing like it.

Decide for yourself if it’s Gentle Giant or XTC or something else this band brings to mind over the course of a frolicsome 3-minute ride.

Modest Midget is a little eccentric, a little schizophrenic, and a lot of fun.

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