Songs You May Have Missed #433


Ben Folds Five: “Magic” (1999)

Another sad, gorgeous, and lushly orchestrated melody from The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner, in my opinion the best Ben Folds album by a wide margin. Folds and company take cues from Queen, Billy Joel and perhaps Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys at various points of the record.

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Songs You May Have Missed #337

fear of pop

Fear of Pop: “In Love” (1998)

Although the artist is¬†identified as¬†Fear of Pop, this album–a collection of instrumental and spoken word music–is essentially a Ben Folds project. “In Love”, wherein guest William Shatner muses with grim humor on the end of a less-than-mutually-satisfying relationship, is its unquestionable highlight.

Shat doesn’t get his due as a comedic figure. Perhaps it’s because so many people take him more seriously than he takes himself.

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Ben Folds Five: Do It Anyway

From the new album by the newly-reunited Five (actually 3 in number). This one’s a lively little workout that includes the antics of Fraggle Rock.


Songs You May Have Missed #27


Ben Folds Five: “Mess” (1999)

On this blog’s first-ever post, I took Ben Folds to task a little bit. Hope this makes up for it, and helps illustrate the point I made then. This is a heartrending ballad and a great example of what the man is capable of.

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