Songs You May Have Missed #639

Brendan Benson: “Cold Hands (Warm Heart)” (2005)

Hooks and melodies, the things that distinguish power pop, are the forte of Brendan Benson. If you like music with roots reaching back to the best pop of past decades, you’ll find Benson’s tunes instantly likeable.

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Songs You May Have Missed #507


Brendan Benson: “Tiny Spark” (2002)

Teenage Fanclub, Matthew Sweet and McCartney’s solo work are good points of reference for Brendan Benson’s jangly, melodic power pop.

Benson’s solo career has been unjustly overlooked; he may be best known for his work with Jack White as a member of the Raconteurs. But “Tiny Spark” sounds like a hit single from an alternative reality in which the sound of the Raspberries was never swept from the radio.

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