Songs You May Have Missed #552


Chromeo: “Hard to Say No” (2014)

Canadian electro-funk duo Chromeo, along with Bruno Mars, Pharrell Williams, Mayer Hawthorne and others, form the vanguard of a retro-funk movement that has the 2010’s sounding remarkably like the early 1980’s. In a good way.

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Songs You May Have Missed #119


Chromeo: “Night By Night” (2010)

“Electrofunk”. Did we need one more subgenre of dance music? If you listen to Giorgio Moroder’s music from the 70’s you’ll hear very similar sounds, except we just called it disco then.

Anyway, not a lot going on here lyrically, but that’s not the point. It moves your body and makes you feel good. It has a nice guitar solo and a sweet hook or two. It’s dance candy.

Quoting their Wiki page:

The duo met in the mid-1990s at Collège Stanislas in Montreal. Considering their backgrounds, the two childhood friends jokingly describe themselves as “the only successful Arab/Jewish partnership since the dawn of human culture”.

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