Recommended Albums #59


David J. Caron: Thru Never-Ending Black (2013)

Irish-Italian David J. Caron released a double CD album, Thru Never Ending Black, in 2013–a move usually made by an artist with an established following. The unusual thing here is that the mammoth 28-track work is his debut. Caron wrote, performed and produced one of the best rock debut albums in recent years, a work that lives up to its own ambition with solid consistency over its abundant length.


Categorizing the music is more difficult than appreciating it. Caron seems to straddle the worlds of progressive rock (the genre suggested by the album’s cover, artwork and, at times, lyrics) modern rock and AOR. Caron’s work has echoes of 80’s neo-prog, but with a fresh, modern rock-informed sound. It really defies easy categorization.

But while it doesn’t fit neatly into a particular genre, any fan of modern melodic rock with intelligent, captivating lyrics and infectious choruses will find something appealing here–and a generous helping thereof.

Listen to: “Time Machine”

Listen to: “Feels of Fire”

Listen to: “Memory Magnetic”

Listen to: “Frozen Ice”

Listen to: “Escapin’ Back”

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