The 10 Greatest Double Albums In Rock History


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by Jonny Hughes

Double albums are always bold statements from artists, and often they can make or break a band. While some have too much filler and lack direction, there have also been several fantastic double albums in the rock genre. These records often celebrate everything that is so great about the band, but it also gives them the time and space to explore new musical avenues and themes. Sometimes, double albums take the form of concept records, which gradually unfold brilliant and fascinating tales. Many of the following excellent double albums are even considered the artist’s most celebrated and successful work.

10. The Clash – London Calling

Many double albums have too much filler and lack direction, but this cannot be said about The Clash’s immensely popular 1979 record London Calling. Each track is excellent and vital to the record’s cohesion, and this has led many to label it as one of the best albums of all-time, and a pioneering post-punk record. It incorporates a range of styles, including punk, ska, rockabilly, pop, lounge jazz and hard rock. Whilst some claim that The Clash abandoned their roots with this album, others argue that it pushed the punk genre into new terrain. The subject matter of London Calling is also varied, with themes that include social displacement, unemployment, drug use, racial conflict and the responsibilities of adulthood. The album also features the titular track, which is by far their most famous and celebrated song. Other noteworthy singles from the album include “Clampdown” and “Train in Vain”.


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