Songs You May Have Missed #443


Fountains of Wayne: “This Better Be Good” (2007)

A band deserving of reappraisal from those given the wrong impression by their lone top 40 hit “Stacy’s Mom”.

This little nugget has it all: pointed and humorous lyrical detail, effective use of dynamics, a hook you could hang a side of beef on, and a dollop of creamy Beach Boys harmonies on top. Power pop perfection!

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Songs You May Have Missed #384

fountains of wayne

Fountains of Wayne: “Better Things” (2002)

The 2002 Rykodisc Kinks tribute This is Where I Belong focused not on the “tired and true” Ray Davies-penned material; there’s nary a “Lola” or “You Really Got Me” or “Come Dancing” in the bunch. Instead, a collection of well-qualified, well-respected men and women such as Jonathan Richman, Bebel Gilberto, Steve Forbert, Ron Sexsmith and Matthew Sweet knock around some of the more interesting second-tier Davies material–the deep cuts.

So tunes like “Starstruck”, “Victoria”, “Picture Book” and “Muswell Hillbilly” get a fresh look-in. And power poppers Fountains of Wayne turn up the volume on “Better Things”, an anthem for graduates if I ever heard one.

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Songs You May Have Missed #75


Fountains of Wayne: “The Girl I Can’t Forget” (2005)

Great power pop story song from the genre’s cleverest lyricists. The intelligence and wit of Chris Collingwood and Adam Schlesinger is unmatched among bands making this type of music.

Pigeonholed by their 2003 hit “Stacy’s Mom”, the band made a lot of fake fans, many of whom flaked away as soon as they realized FOW’s other songs weren’t similarly written for single-celled organisms. “Stacy’s Mom Syndrome” should be the name for that phenomenon of a band having one massive hit that is totally unrepresentative of their catalog. (Sounds better than “Tubthumping Syndrome”, right?)

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