Songs You May Have Missed #316

magic pieMagic Pie: “Full Circle Poetry” (2005)

Reason number one to either love or hate prog rock: songs that don’t even get to the chorus for seven minutes. As much as I appreciate epic ambition, concept albums and the like, it’s a rare 14-minute song that I really enjoy. This is one.

These Norwegian proggers aren’t cutting edge innovators of the genre. Rather they tend to construct their epics from pieces nicked from classic-era bands such as Yes, Kansas and Gentle Giant.

Which is okay by me. Hardcore progressive rock fans are notoriously immoderate in their criticisms of derivative bands, concepts and sounds–as if the genre should reinvent itself every time a band releases an album. Sometimes it should be enough to simply appreciate an artist rearranging the existing pieces into something agreeable. The vocals, the musicianship and the song craft here are exemplary. It’s okay with me that I hear echoes of more original bands from a past era. In fact, it’s kind of comforting. Most of the time I don’t require music to challenge me, only to please me.

What a concept.

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