Video of the Week: Interview with Alice Cooper on Late Musician Glen Campbell

Video of the Week: Glen Campbell–A Better Place

Video of the Week: Glen Campbell Encore!

Just a few posts ago, Mr. Glen Campbell stepped out for a blazing solo. Well, he was just getting started. Here’s an encore performance from one of popular music’s most overlooked guitar greats.

Video of the Week: Glen Campbell Steps Out for a Solo

Seated among a Who’s Who of country greats that includes Chet Atkins, Roy Clark, Willie Nelson and Ray Stevens, Glen Campbell steps out for a typically flashy solo on his classic “Gentle on My Mind”.

Tell me again, Rolling Stone, how Kurt Cobain is one of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.

Songs You May Have Missed #136


Sagittarius: “My World Fell Down” (1967)

This song, whose harmonies and complex arrangement split the difference between the Mamas & the Papas and the Beach Boys, certainly sounds like a top ten hit from 1967. And probably only the trippy sound collage and organ/vocal break (from 1:50 and 2:50) held it back. Strangely, only the single version of the song (see below video) contains this 60-second bit of psychedelia, while the more straightforward, sub-3:00 LP version included here probably would have been a top ten hit as the single. Still, you can’t fault ambition, even at the cost of a gold record, right? As it was, the song still charted, but only rose to #70 nationally. I’m guessing it did somewhat better in San Francisco than Peoria.

Sagittarius was a trio comprised of Beach Boy Bruce Johnston, Beach Boy collaborator (and co-writer of “In My Room”) Gary Usher, and, believe it or not, Glen Campbell (that’s him on lead vocals). The influence of producer and studio genius Curt Boettcher, whose work with the Association helped define the sixties’ sunshine pop sound, is also evident in the vocal mix.

Johnston, incidentally, was Glen Campbell’s replacement in the Beach Boys. He also wrote what became Barry Manilow’s signature tune, “I Write the Songs”, which he is said to have written about Brian Wilson.

Glen Campbell’s Final Tour – CBS Sunday Morning


Glen Campbell Looks Back on Life and Career in ‘A Better Place’

(reprinted from Rolling Stone)

Country icon Glen Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease last year, and in this touching new video for “A Better Place,” Campbell revisits his life and career, sitting down with Josh Homme to flip through a book of memories as he says farewell. Campbell reflects on his childhood, the start of his music career and his later life as he performs the song in interspersed cuts. Campbell shares a personal message at the video’s end to his wife, Kimberley, and to his fans.

“Ghost on the Canvas is the last studio record of new songs I ever plan to make,” reads the statement. “Now it’s just time to close that book.”


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