Songs You May Have Missed #303

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Gran Bel Fisher: (Untitled Hidden Track) (2006)

As irritating as CD hidden tracks can be (especially the ones that play only several minutes after the conclusion of the listed songs) I can understand the reasoning for their existence in some cases. Although the unlisted track at the back end of Gran Bel Fisher’s Full Moon Cigarette is an album highlight, its sound and lyrical tone are too far removed from the rest of the album to fit comfortably anywhere else. And it’s too good to be a B-side.

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Gran Bel Fisher: “Full Moon Cigarette” (2006)

Despite a great voice and some TV soundtrack exposure (Grey’s Anatomy) Gran Bel Fisher hasn’t been heard from since his 2006 debut album. Hope it’s not his last–it would be one more casualty of music talent to music business. Here’s the title track which, as his website describes it, “opens with Gran Bel playing a single piano note suddenly transformed into a complex piano fugue before exploding into a full-throttle rock groove with his gorgeous, soaring baritone”.

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