Songs You May Have Missed #636

Pet Shop Boys: “Home and Dry” (2002)

At the time of the Pet Shop Boys’ Release album’s uh…release in 2002, critics couldn’t agree whether it was the band’s death-throes or their brilliant reinvention they were hearing.

Time and continued artistic success (see their cracking 2009 Yes album for evidence) argue for the latter assessment.

Although this album saw the band move a bit from their typical electronic disco template to a more band-focused, guitar-infused pop sound (former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr appears on several songs) there’s a depth and maturity to the songwriting that marks the record as more than a mere staving off of stagnation. Yes, it’s a change. But it feels like growth, not desperation.

“Home and Dry” charted at #14 in the UK, where the band’s singles success extended well beyond the 80’s. Needless to say, it did not trouble the US charts.

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