Songs You May Have Missed #707

Hollywood Vampires: “I Got a Line On You” (2015)

Fittingly, Alice Cooper-fronted supergroup/side project Hollywood Vampires mostly covered dead rockers on their 2015 debut release.

Cooper, guitarist Joe Perry and Johnny Depp form the core of the band, with Cooper’s old pal Bob Ezrin producing and a stupifying list of guest stars dropping by throughout.

Guest vampires include Dave Grohl, Perry Farrell, Sir Paul McCartney, Slash, Joe Walsh, Robbie Krieger, Zak Starkey, Brian Johnson and Kip Winger.

The result is one raucous party of a record, with MC Alice bringing all his multiple vocal personalities to the mic as required to revive the spirits of legends such as Jim Morrison, T.Rex, John Lennon, Harry Nilsson, Badfinger and, on this burner of a track, Spirit’s Randy California.

Sacrilegious as it might sound, this supergroup’s performances might just out-do some of the originals.

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Video of the Week: Spirit (and friends) Rip Through ‘I Got a Line On You’

  • Randy California – Guitar, Vocals
  • Mark Andes – Bass, Vocals
  • Ed Cassidy – Percussion, Drums
  • Jay Ferguson – Guitar, Vocals
  • John Locke – Keyboards
  • Jeff Baxter – Guitar
  • Bob Welch – Guitar, Vocals
  • Joe Lala – Percussion
  • Howard Leese – Guitar Gary Myrik – Guitar
  • Neal Doughty – Keyboards
  • Jerry Jumonville – Saxophone
  • Curly Smith – Percussion, Drums, Vocals
  • Keith Knudsen – Percussion, Drums
  • Bruce Gary – Percussion, Vocals
  • Alan Gratzer – Percussion, Vocals

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