Songs You May Have Missed #560


Josh Ritter: “Getting Ready to Get Down” (2015)

When we last looked in on Josh Ritter he went for for a stripped, folksy sound to put across a love song from an EP inspired by the simplistic early rock and roll sounds of artists such as Buddy Holly and the Everlys.

But on the heels of 2013’s marital breakup album The Beast in its Tracks, it’s an energized Ritter we hear showing a little attitude as he cajoles a female Bible College student to stray from the narrow path carefully laid out for her.

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Video of the Week: Josh Ritter–Love is Making its Way Back Home

Director by Erez Horovitz and about twenty artists, editors, and assistants photographed the more than 12,000 laser-cut construction paper cutouts which comprise the four-minute animated video which accompanies Josh Ritter’s “Love is Making its Way Back Home”.

Songs You May Have Missed #331

ritterJosh Ritter: “Love is Making its Way Back Home” (2012)

By somewhat fluky circumstances related to touring Ireland with the Frames, Idaho-born Josh Ritter broke through on radio and as a sold-out touring act in that country while still pretty much an unknown here at home. In fact at one point there was a tribute band there named Cork who played only Josh Ritter songs.

Years later his following is still a modest one, but devoted.

The hopeful sentiment of “Love is Making its Way Back Home” is an appropriate one for Valentines everywhere. And the video, produced by Prominent Figures, took a grueling two months to complete and used 12,000 pieces of construction paper–and zero special effects.

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