Julian Lennon’s Afterlife Earth Day Message from Father Gave Him ‘Goosebumps for Days’

(via Yahoo Entertainment) by Lyndsey Parker

Musician, photographer, documentarian, philanthropist and author Julian Lennon is celebrating Earth Day this year with the publication of his third children’s book, Love the Earth, with profits going towards his White Feather Foundation. The organization, dedicated to the conservation of life by supporting the environment and providing clean water, education, and health to indigenous cultures, is named in honor of his late father, the Beatles’ John Lennon — and the younger Lennon tells Yahoo Entertainment that it was like he;d received a message from dad that made him realize he needed to stop “just being a rock ‘n’ roller” and “step up to the plate.”

Read more: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/julian-lennons-afterlife-earth-day-message-from-father-gave-him-goosebumps-for-days-232346083.html?fbclid=IwAR34eMWWs8UTqRvk8VOJmLCKgOQMZk1kDa_azcuk0NYh5LhBKiKSDiDX7jk

Songs You May Have Missed #634

Julian Lennon: “Saltwater” (1991)

Julian Lennon had his brief moment of pop stardom, then seemed to disappear.

But in truth he never went away but has continued in relative obscurity, crafting the kind of music that evokes his father’s work, both solo and with a certain foursome.

Check out the gorgeous lament “Saltwater” for proof that Johnny’s son was and is a valid artist in his own “write”.

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