Songs You May Have Missed #698

Los Lonely Boys: “Roses” (2006)

Just another tasty serving of riffcentric rock from Los Lonely Boys.

Though they don’t date from the “Classic Rock” era, they definitely graduated from the school of classic rock.

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Songs You May Have Missed #618

Los Lonely Boys: “Diamonds” (2006)

Lots of contemporary bands are touted as throwbacks to the sound of classic rock. Few of them sound, to my ears at least, really nail the sound of rock’s halcyon days.

Los Lonely Boys seem to have soaked in the formula. They know this much at least: Classic rock songs are built around the guitar riff. The riff is central; it is the cornerstone. If you have a great riff beginning the song and repeated throughout, you have the makings of a great rock song. It is the thing “new rock” is missing that 70’s rock bands would never omit.

“Diamonds” is pinned on a killer guitar hook, one that’s easy to get stuck in your head. And the rest of the song is pretty damn fine, too.

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