10 of the Luckiest Music Fans of All Time


Think you’re special because your fave band signed your forearm at a post-gig meet-and-greet? Think again. Not all fans are created equal. Here are 10 of the luckiest.

1. The 12-year-old who performed onstage with Jay Z

When I was 12 I spent most evenings a) on MSN Messenger b) watching Neighbours and c) working on my Craig David fan site (true story). I was not hanging out with my idols on stage at massive arenas like this special kid from Maryland. Imagine turning up to school one morning and being like: “Oh yeah, last night I went to a Jay Z gig with a sign saying ‘Can I Rap For You?’ so he invited me up on stage and I performed ‘Clique’ in front of thousands of people. Then I asked if I could come backstage and he was like’ yeah, alright then’.” Mind. Blown.

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