Songs You May Have Missed #583


Eric Bachmann: “Mercy” (2016)

You know how people try to console you with that philosophical bit of banality that “everything happens for a reason”?

Eric Bachmann isn’t having it.

eric bachmann

With a self-titled release that signals a break from his snide and sneering Archers of Loaf and Crooked Fingers records of the past, Bachmann shows a newfound earnest directness in his lyrical approach.

“Mercy” bathes one such very direct message in early 60’s retro glory with an arrangement that’s equal parts Phil Spector and Four Seasons. While Bachmann reminds us that “there is chaos in the violence” and “there are those who suffer for no reason every day” the ultimate take-away message is to “fill your heart with love and cherish what you can while you are here”.

It’s what I’d call tough love.

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