5 Reasons Why “My Generation” Is So Awesome

(via CultureSonar) by ADAM LEADBEATER

“My Generation” by The Who is a quintessential part of British culture and an important component in the evolution of contemporary rock music.

Although recorded nearly sixty years ago, in the midst of ‘love obsessed’ pop tunes, The Who’s debut single sounds as exciting, unique, and fabulously frenzied as the day it first struck the ears of mid-60s teens.

Penned by guitarist Pete Townshend, this classic rock hit immediately became a manifesto for youths tip-toeing through a post-war social minefield whilst desperately scrambling to forge an identity they could be proud of.

“My Generation” is still considered an underclass masterpiece in many quarters. The song defines a moment, both in terms of musical craft and its embodiment of an entire subculture’s spirit. Here are five reasons why it rules…

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