Songs You May Have Missed #429


Mystery: “Until the Truth Comes Out” (2010)

Canada’s Mystery craft melodic AOR prog that hearkens back to the sounds of 70’s/80’s radio and bands like Styx and Alan Parsons Project.

Beautiful touches like the flute in the intro and a Gilmouresque bit of guitar soloing combine with an attention to sonic detail that begs headphone listening.

The mystery is why this band isn’t better known.

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Video of the Week: Hugh Laurie–Mystery

The English know two things about Hugh Laurie that many Americans don’t: one, he’s a funny guy, and two: he’s a fair musician too.

Oh, and another great talent: the ability to sound so American. How he does that is yet another mystery.


Songs You May Have Missed #166


Mystery: “Between Love and Hate” (2010)

Mystery feature the vocals of Benoit David, who until recently was Jon Anderson’s replacement in Yes after Anderson experienced voice problems, until David’s own vocal difficulties forced the band to replace him in turn. Benoit, by the way, was discovered by Yes while singing in a Yes tribute band.

“Between Love and Hate” typifies the regal brand of prog rock that Mystery deliver on their excellent 2010 offering One Among the Living. For fans of long-form rock played with taste and relative restraint–without the metal overtones present in so much of today’s prog–this is a band to look into.

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