Songs You May Have Missed #324

ocean colour scene

Ocean Colour Scene: “Up On the Downside” (2001)

Manchester, England’s Ocean Colour Scene’s reverence for and devotion to the tradition sounds of classic rock, praised by such luminaries as Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller, shines through¬†immediately on this song’s 30-second intro, which is certain to evoke the feel of music of decades ago, if not any particular song.

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Ocean Colour Scene: “The Day We Caught the Train” (1996)

Britpop band OCS wear their devotion to 70’s music on their sleeves. Like counterparts Pulp (Songs You May Have Missed #101) and Stone Roses (#121) they were part of a¬†wave that never really washed ashore in America. But they carry on, having released an album as recently as 2010. They make highly listenable–if unfashionable–stuff.

“The Day We Caught the Train” is from their most successful album, the 1996 UK triple platinum Moseley Shoals. From the sound of it, I’m thinking they’re fans of Big Star.

Here’s a nice live TV performance of the same song with a little more guitar snarl. They sound more like Jellyfish (another unheralded British band) here:


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