Songs You May Have Missed #345

pellePelle Carlberg: “Clever Girls Like Clever Boys Much More Than Clever Boys Like Clever Girls” (2007)

Swede Pelle Carlberg has stumbled onto a general truth here: girls and guys are screening for slightly different things in the opposite sex. As entertainingly as he puts his idea across you’d think he’d have found a way to shorten the title.

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Recommended Albums #26

Edson: Every Day, Every Second (2007)

Swede Pelle Carlberg named his Indie pop band after soccer great Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as known as Pelé. Don’t ask me why–probably just for kicks.

The band’s Every Day, Every Second is full of the kind of melody that you wake up still hearing after listening the night before. It’s hauntingly tuneful. Pelle and company remind me of the Decemberists in several ways: first, Carlberg’s dialect and voice have a distinctiveness that I imagine could put some off, while endearing others. I tend to like that kind of singer. There’s also something in the imperfection of his reaching for the high notes and wavering just a bit here and there–I don’t think it’s meant to sound perfect, only to put across the song. And the voice certainly does that. Also, there’s a European-ness just here and there in the melodies and instrumentation that the Decemberists share (despite being American).

At any rate, I personally am having a lot of trouble getting this CD out of heavy rotation and back on the shelf. Give this one three listens and it’ll have you. And if you like it, check out some of Pelle Carlberg’s solo stuff too:

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Songs You May Have Missed #29


Pelle Carlberg: “I Love You, You Imbecile” (2007)

Swede Pelle Carlberg is a Swedish singer/songwriter with a wry point of view who hails from Sweden. Did I mention he’s Swedish?

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