Video of the Week: Evolution of Star Trek Series Music Theme (1966-2020)

Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine–A Monument to the Genius of Sol Kaplan


A treat for Star Trek fans and anyone else who can appreciate the beauty and complexity of a well-written dramatic score. From an upcoming documentary, The Doomsday Machine Revealed. And what is revealed is the genius of composer Sol Kaplan.

Note how the famous Jaws motif seems to have been borrowed from this Star Trek score, which preceded it by eight years.

If you’ve ever watched this particular episode of the classic Star Trek series, you know how much the music contributes to the spooky, ominous vibe of a cautionary story about the threat of a “doomsday weapon”.

It was one of many examples of the classic series using its science fiction format as a censor-evading soapbox with which to make statements on controversial sociopolitical topics in an era in which heavy or controversial topics were avoided by TV networks.

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