Songs You May Have Missed #619

The Outdoor Type: “Day to Day” (2015)

The Outdoor Type are a Melbourne, Australia indie pop band led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Zack Buchanan.

The band was signed to Canadian indie label Nettwerk on the strength of their single “On My Mind”, which earned them 100,000 Spotify plays. But “Day to Day” is as gloriously melancholy and melodic as anything the band has yet done.

Songs You May Have Missed #567


The Lemonheads: “The Outdoor Type” (1996)

Evan Dando’s warm voice and simple, accessible, and slightly subversive songwriting is on display in this easy country-rock-via-Gram Parsons gem.

From a few years after his band’s period of greatest success, which Dando’s struggles with addiction helped derail. Car Button Cloth was recorded while Dando was in the process of working toward sobriety.

Lyrical highlight:

I can’t go away with you on a rock climbing weekend/

What if something’s on TV and it’s never shown again?


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