Video of the Week: The Moody Blues’ Music and NASA Apollo Footage are a Match Made in the Heavens

The Moody Blues’ cosmic 1969 concept album To Our Children’s Children’s Children dealt with the topic of man’s reaching out into space, both in broad, philosophical terms and specifically in the form of the Apollo missions.

Here the album’s first three songs are synched nicely with NASA footage to convey through one fan’s interpretation the message of the record.

If this sparks an interest in this wonderful band’s music, we recommend you explore not only the rest of this fine album but the rest of their early catalog from their classic years of 1967-72.

The discography from those years is listed below. Adventure awaits!

1967 Days of Future Passed

1968 In Search of the Lost Chord

1969 On the Threshold of a Dream

1969 To Our Children’s Children’s Children

1970 A Question of Balance

1971 Every Good Boy Deserves Favour

1972 Seventh Sojourn

boy chord seventh moody

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