Video of the Week: ‘Every Major’s Terrible’

Performed by Ben Miller. Lyric from Randall Munroe’s comic xkcd.

Original melody from Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Major General’s Song”, also parodied by Tom Lehrer’s “The Elements”.

Video of the Week: Tom Lehrer–We Will All Go Together When We Go

Tom Lehrer, the wickedly smart (multiple math degrees from Harvard, teaching gigs at his alma mater as well as MIT and others) shows that his musical and lyrical talents are equally keen in this satirical ditty.

Considering his musical career was a secondary avocation, his abilities are astounding. He could devastatingly satirize with a lyric, and his command of key modulation was astonishing. Both traits are on display in “We Will All Go Together When We Go”.

If you think Weird Al is good, Lehrer will blow your mind.

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Video of the Week: Tom Lehrer–The Elements, Live 1967

Tom Lehrer Teaches ‘The New Math’

Tom Lehrer, who just turned 85, has mathematics degrees from Harvard¬†and a wit that can’t be taught. Combine it with some serious musical talent and you have a guy who can give a lesson that feels more like entertainment, which is why he was featured on public television’s The Electric Company in the 1970’s. Here he spins your head with “The New Math”, looking for solutions among the convolutions.

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