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wanderlustWanderlust: “I Walked” (1995)

Philadelphia’s Wanderlust made one album in 1995 that deserved a better fate, as did the band, who were dropped by RCA Records while recording¬†a follow-up.

I won’t get carried away with the “lost masterpiece” talk of some, but if you’re a fan of 90’s rock I would suggest you give this one a try. “I Walked” (their single) and “Wanna Feel New” (see link below) should be enough to give you an impression of this forgotten band’s talent. Used copies of the out-of-print Prize CD can be found online for under a buck.

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Wanderlust: “Wanna Feel New” (1995)

This promising band from Philly was signed to RCA and released a well-received debut album, Prize, in 1995. However well-received, though, RCA must not have seen enough commercial promise and dropped them as they were recording a follow-up.

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