Songs You May Have Missed #445


Wes Cunningham: “Good Good Feeling” (2001)


As you can hear at the link below, Wes Cunningham’s previous album was more of an angsty affair. His second, Pollyanna, is a mellower, blissed-out collection of songs by comparison. Clearly, two things are evident: 1) Love intervened, and 2) Wes writes from his real experience.

“Good Feeling” is a catchy little power pop mash note.

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Songs You May Have Missed #93


Wes Cunningham: “Not Enough” (1998)

Singer-songwriter Wes Cunningham, born in the Philipines and raised in Texas, makes music that is simultaneously left-of-center and accessible, straddling the border of “alternative” (whatever that is) and power pop. His kitchen sink approach keeps it interesting: he raps in Spanish in one song, goes on a cheesy elevator muzak bossa nova detour on another. “Not Enough”, typically, includes a pseudo-salsa piano break and mariachi horns. It should be a mess, but somehow it works–the song’s unconventional arrangement only lends it greater immediacy.

“Not Enough” is from Wes’ first album, 12 Ways to Win People to Your Way of Thinking. With 2001’s Pollyanna, the angst of the first record was replaced by a newfound blissed-out romantic vibe–clearly the album was inspired by a blossoming love affair. The pop songwriting instincts, though, remained.

I’d love to hear more from Wes, who no longer seems to have major label distribution.

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