Songs You May Have Missed #411


Winterpills: “Rogue Highway” (2012)

On Winterpills’ fifth album the Northampton, Massachusetts band have crafted another winsome batch of indie chamber pop and Shins-style rock. They’ve been at this for a bit now, and still undeservedly under the radar.

The harmony-tinged jangle-pop of “Rogue Highway” might bring Fleetwood Mac to mind just as the album’s gentler acoustic ballads evoke some of Christine McVie or Stevie Nicks’ softer moments. They share with the Mac and the Shins a knack for the less obvious, more insinuative harmony line.

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Light Divides

Winterpills: The Light Divides (2007)

Northampton, MA Indie/Folk/Pop band Winterpills’ second (and finest) album unfolds its melodic charms with each repeated listen, until it feels as indispensable as any recent pop record. It’s a work of seductive wintry melancholy as the cover suggests.

Acoustic guitar is usually central in the mix, with electric guitar and keyboards texturing the simple yet sophisticated arrangements. But the sound most prominently defined by songwriter Philip Price’s lead vocals and Flora Reed’s complimentary harmonies–a magical male-female vocal mix. A work of gentle sophistication, this is a gem of a record.

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