Songs You May Have Missed #131


The Merrymakers: “April’s Fool” (1997)

Swedish pop is like honey badger: it doesn’t care.

If a song has an uplifting sound it has a chance in relatively feel-good Sweden. And if it’s an appealing blend of pop or power pop influences wrapped up in one tasty three-minute confection, it’s likely a Swedish export.

The Merrymakers’ Bubblegun album is filled with delightful pop melodies crafted by a band who seem to have taken the La’s, Jellyfish and maybe ELO as their template–in fact this song is co-written by Andy Sturmer of Jellyfish, who also helped out as producer. Fitting, as the Merrymakers’ sound carries the DNA of Sturmer’s former band.

Oh, and dig the Harrisonesque slide guitar solo.

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