Songs You May Have Missed #342

thorneSteve Thorne: “Crossfire” (2007)

England’s Steve Thorne makes the kind of crossover prog that would probably have broad appeal among fans of 70’s bands like Kansas and Genesis, if not for the fact that he’s almost unheard of in this country.

“Crossover” seems an appropriate term because he’s basically a singer-songwriter without grand ambition for epic-length composition or grandstanding, overly complex musical passages. But his albums are chock full of guest appearances by progressive rockers of high repute such as Nick D’Virgilio, John Mitchell, Pete Trewavas, Tony Levin and Geoff Downes (who plays piano on this track). Although his music appeals mainly to fans of prog, Thorne’s songs and themes are easily digestible, his lyrics coherent.

“Crossfire” is a lament for young life wasted in battle. In a sense, all soldiers are “caught in the crossfire” of the machinations of bloodthirsty empires; inherently good men are victims of inherently flawed mankind. It’s the type of humanistic theme that writers like Kerry Livgren and Peter Gabriel are known for. But such are the prevailing trends of popular music that Steve Thorne (and many others like him) will never be known on a comparable scale.

We’ll shine a light on him again soon, though.

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