Songs You May Have Missed #343


Robbie Fulks: “That Bangle Girl” (2000)

Everything about Robbie Fulks seems to be both earnest and a put-on at the same time. The title of this album, for example–it’s not a greatest hits compilation, nor is he likely to ever have one. It’s just another record of solidly crafted, slickly performed and lyrically pointed country-billy.

And “That Bangle Girl” neatly straddles straight homage and send-up too. He’s clearly a fan of the Littlest Bangle, while bragging that he even “sat through her movie”.

Fulks more recently made an album of all Michael Jackson covers, which is: a) a ridiculous thing for a rockabilly singer to do, and b) really, really good.

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See also:

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