Songs You Can’t Sing Today

Yes, our music is a little more politically correct today than in the past, despite people like Lil Wayne trying to set the cause back several decades. Here are a few songs that probably wouldn’t make it onto the radio if they were recorded today:


The Crystals: “He Hit Me (and it Felt Like a Kiss)”

“He hit me, and I knew he loved me…he hit me, I was glad”

(Co-written by Carole King!)


Ten Years After: “I’d Love to Change the World”

“Everywhere is freaks and hairys/Dykes and fairies/Tell me where is sanity?”


The Beatles: “Getting Better”

“I used to be cruel to my woman/I beat her and kept her apart from the things that she loved”


Mungo Jerry: “In the Summertime”

“Have a drink, have a drive/Go out and see what you can find”


Dire Straits: “Money For Nothing”

“See the little faggot with the earring and the makeup…that little faggot is a millionaire”

(Although this song was meant to be satirical it seems unlikely the language would be allowed on radio today)


Ringo Starr: “You’re Sixteen”

“You’re my baby, you’re my pet/We fell in love on the night we met…you’re sixteen, you’re beautiful, and you’re mine”


Dusty Springfield: “Wishin’ and Hopin'”

“Yeah, just do it/And after you do, you will be his”

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