Songs You May Have Missed #380


Never Shout Never: “Fifteen” (2010)

Christofer Drew is Never Shout Never, in the same sense that Adam Young is Owl City; both are young men with distinctive, not-everyone’s-cup-of-tea voices who built followings by posting their homemade, self-penned singer-songwriter pop online. Both were successful enough doing so to eventually sign recording contracts and release legitimate albums. And both have broad popularity among very young listeners.

“Fifteen” was a download-only extra track from Drew’s debut, and is for me the most engaging 90 seconds of the record. Subsequent releases have featured more ambitious, full-band arrangements.

Drew’s candid lyrical sensibility and knack for melodic hooks occasionally raise his material above the level of standard adolescent emo-fluff. With maturity and experience I think he has a chance to come up with something really special–I intend to keep listening for it.

never shout never

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