Songs You May Have Missed #381


Nilsson: “The Most Beautiful World in the World” (1972)


Harry Nilsson…where do I begin? Underrated singer, overlooked songwriter, a favorite of the Beatles, a bad influence on John Lennon, and kind of a wacky character. But never dull.

After his massive breakthrough album, 1971’s Nilsson Schmilsson, and just when he’d caught the world’s attention with his Grammy-winning worldwide hit recording of Badfinger’s “Without You”, Harry seemed bored already with the whole platinum-selling record thing. Follow-up Son of Schmilsson featured: a lead single with an F-bomb in the chorus, a false take interrupted by a belch, a Jim Stafford-esque parody country song, and a sing-along featuring residents of a retirement home with a chorus of “I’d rather be dead than wet my bed“.

The album’s closing track is a cheeky tribute to…the world. Like, personified. Hence:

Your mountains when you’re mad/Your rivers when you’re sad/And those deep blue seas

I love you for your snow/Your deserts down below/I love the way you wear your trees

The most beautiful world in the world/And though there are times when I doubt you/I just couldn’t stay here without you

So when you get older and over your shoulder/You look back to see if it’s real

Tell her she’s beautiful, roll the world over/And give her a kiss…and a feel

So much for a mainstream career.

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