Recommended Albums #52

moon safari

Moon Safari: Blomljud (2008)

My current musical infatuation, and the stuff I’ve been playing at antisocial decibel levels lately, is that of Swedish prog band Moon Safari. For fans of sunny, uplifting, non-metal influenced prog (as well as bands like Styx from a bygone era) this prolific band is worth checking out.

Moon Safari feature perhaps the strongest vocals in all of progressive rock. Their harmonies are like nothing in the genre, sounding more like a combination of 70’s bands such as Ambrosia and 50’s close harmony acts like the Four Freshmen–or even the Beach Boys.

Songwriting too is an obvious strength. These Swedes have mastered classic long-form prog, but keep things appealing throughout, with guitar and synth lines that grow on the listener with repeated listening. You won’t find the staggering musicianship of Yes or ELP here–song, melody and harmony are the areas of greater focus. But then again, the only 20+ minute song I’ve ever found worth listening to from beginning to end was by this band and not one of the aforementioned classic acts.

They seem to keep to the type of release schedule more befitting a 70’s prog band as well, with a massive double album due this September adding to two other releases since 2010.

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