Songs You May Have Missed #465

moon safari

Moon Safari: “Heartland” (2010)

From the band that currently have me held firmly in the clutches of heavy–no, damn near continuous–rotation. This particular song has the tightest grip of all.

Moon Safari represents an astounding juxtaposition of seemingly incompatible musical components: the surprise-around-every-corner complexity of prog rock alongside an almost boy-bandesque propensity for catchy pop hooks, and a five-part harmony vocal sound simply unmatched in their genre.

At its absolute best prog rock is a triumph of possibility over musical triteness and cliché. It stretches the envelope. But it doesn’t need to tear the seams–to sound so “original” that it challenges more than pleases.

And that’s what Moon Safari seem to understand: ultimately music–even relatively complex music–is meant to be enjoyed. Melodic and instrumental hooks abound here. But like the best prog, it’ll take you many repeated listens to assimilate the song entirely–to be able to sing every lyric on cue and hit every correct note of the solo on air guitar or synth.

And long before you do–assuming you have a musical sweet tooth for the sunny, uplifting sounds typical of Swedish prog–you’ll be blaring it from a car window or hitting the repeat button on your device to enjoy another rapturous six-minute fix.

Ornate, yet entirely accessible. A treat for fans of complex music, but a great bridge into the genre for fans of more mainstream bands (Styx come to mind). This might be the perfect prog song.

Open all of your windows, can’t you hear the boys are calling
Step outside for the night, y’know it’s summertime, they’ll all be there
And they’re playing memories on the radio
Got your back pretty one, I know that you’ve got mine

Oh my love, there is trouble in the heartland
You and me, as we walk the square of possibility
Caught up in a love that could not be

I remember she used to refer to you as sweet, sweet prince
Though she’s always known that you’re nothing but a working man’s son
Your ambition was always to high for one of us
Surely you would go on, oh baby, to do what we can’t dream

Oh my love, there is trouble in the heartland
One last dance, save your worries for another rainy day
You wouldn’t want it any other way
But darling it’s time to say our goodbyes to summer romance
By the fall, all will be gone and then we’ll walk our separate ways
We’ll let this night be our last big mistake

From the heroes of yesteryear
The only one, still left standing
Tuned in to life’s radio
A blue song from long ago

Oh my love, there is trouble in the heartland
You and me, as we walk the square of possibility
Caught up in a love that could not be

But darling can’t you see?
We’re still soldiers of the heartland,
even now I still see you like I did when I could dream
of a place where we’d be known as king & queen

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