The Beatles Discuss Abbey Road, Let It Be, and the Future of The Beatles in 1969-70 Interviews

An edit of Beatles interviews from 1969 to 1970. Each Beatle generally sounds positive and supportive of each others’ songs and solo projects, but also realistic about the business issues they had been going through.

They also seem surprisingly open to making more Beatles songs and albums in 1970 and beyond.

This audio seems to contradict a central myth of the Beatles that they made Abbey Road thinking it would be their last album.

01 John Lennon (Everett Is Here, September 1969) 0:00

02 Paul McCartney (Scene And Heard, September 1969) 0:31

03 George Harrison (Scene And Heard, October 1969) 11:42

04 John Lennon (Scene And Heard, October 1969) 22:23

05 John Lennon (Scene And Heard, February 1970) 26:55

06 George Harrison (Scene And Heard, March 1970) 30:31

07 Ringo Starr (Scene And Heard, March 1970) 36:23

08 George Harrison (The Beatles Today, March 1970) 38:33

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