I’m the Last Person on Earth Still Buying CDs. Here’s Why…

I seek order in the form of a ludicrously large CD collection.

(via CNET) by Erin Carson

One dark day, a fresh-faced person in a lab coat will try to coax an old Spoon record out of my ancient, gnarled hands. And upon that day there’ll be a tussle. 

I won’t be letting go of that jewel case easily, and I look forward to that day when, with whatever strength I’ve got left, I get to educate that youth about CDs.

Approximately 82 million people in the US paid for music streaming services as of 2021. In 2022, vinyl sales hit a ludicrous 43 million in the US

Yet here I am, vowing to be the last person on Earth buying CDs…

Read more: https://www.cnet.com/culture/entertainment/im-the-last-person-on-earth-still-buying-cds-heres-why/

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