Quora: Why did George Martin make the Beatles rerecord “Please Please Me”?

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At the very early stage in their career that the Beatles wrote Please Please Me, Martin was very much the one holding all the cards. As the head of the label they were newly signed to and their producer, Martin was the one with the final say on what the band did in the studio, and he still needed to hear something special to convince him that the band were songwriters of the calibre they claimed- or at least aspired- to be. Martin and Parlophone were quite keen to have the band release How Do You Do It, written by songwriter Mitch Murray and later a number one hit for fellow “Merseybeat” act Gerry and the Pacemakers.

The Beatles hated the song (you can see why- they thought it was simplistic and a little old fashioned, and thought it would damage their credibility) but obligingly recorded it. Knowing that they needed to come up with something better in order to keep Parlophone from opting to release How Do You Do It likely spurred Lennon and McCartney on to work harder on their original material…

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George Martin and the Beatles: A Producer’s Impact, in Five Songs


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March 9, 2016

When we hear a great recording, we tend to think of the music as having sprung fully developed from the imagination of the musician or band that cut the tracks. But that ignores the role of the producer, who translates the musician’s vision into the sound we experience.

The contributions that George Martin, who died Tuesday at 90, made to the Beatles’ recorded catalog were crucial, and although he was the first to say that most of the credit belongs to the band, many of the group’s greatest songs owe their sound and character to his inspired behind-the-scenes work. Here are a few of his most telling musical fingerprints:

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10 Hours that Changed EVERYTHING

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It was a slow song, in the style of a plaintive Roy Orbison ballad. The band started to record it; but the producer wasn’t feeling it. He advised the band to pick up the tempo, and to add a hooky instrumental bit at the beginning.

Fortunately, the band listened to the grownup in the room.

John Lennon grabbed his harmonica. Ringo kicked up the tempo. “Please Please Me,” The Beatles’ first #1 single (in the UK) was born – and a bond between the band and George Martin was forged.

What would have happened if the lads insisted on doing it their way?

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Video of the Week: Sir George Martin–In My Life

New Documentary ‘Produced by George Martin’ Profiles Legendary Pop Producer

Worth adding to the Netflix queue if you’re a fan of 60’s pop I should think…

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