Songs You May Have Missed #614

Steven Wilson: “The Day Before You Came” (2014)

Steven Wilson doesn’t exactly specialize in the straight-ahead love song. The Porcupine Tree mastermind and frontman is not typically prone to a tendency to deal in anything so treacly as a lyric that extolls a lover’s positive influence on one’s life.

So it makes sense it would appeal to him to tell the love story in a more emotionally subtle and artistically subversive way–in this case by painting a picture of the dreary routine of life prior to “the day before you came”.

Yep, it suits the melancholy Wilson to a T. Except he didn’t write the song. It’s from his 2014 album of cover tunes. So who is responsible for this devastating examination of an empty existence?

Why, ABBA of course. And it’s not as inconsistent as one may at first think. With hits like “Knowing Me, Knowing You” and “S.O.S.” and especially album track “My Love, My Life”, those lovable bejumpsuited Swedes routinely created dichotomous musical clashes of emotional turmoil and musical glee, something Elvis Costello celebrated as he paid unlikely tribute with “Oliver’s Army” in 1979.

Wilson’s reading of the minor key meditation takes it into darker territory indeed.

Video of the Week: Steven Wilson–“Routine”

Animator Jess Cope beautifully evokes the sadness in Steven Wilson’s story of loss, denial and eventual acceptance.

Songs You May Have Missed #236


Blackfield: “Pain” (2005)

I gushed about these guys on other occasions so there’s no reason to repeat all the reasons I think they’re great. But I do want to share another of my favorite Blackfield songs so…feel my “Pain”.

When modern-day prog rock’s leading light, Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson, and Israeli pop rock legend Aviv Geffen get together they make a mesmerizing brand of shoegazing catharsis. As I’ve said before, if you can appreciate this kind of thing, you can appreciate that no one does this kind of thing better. Blackfield’s first two albums should be considered classics of their time.

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