Video of the Week: Dan Wilson’s “Home” is the American Anthem we Need Today


Songs You May Have Missed #606


Bleu: “Could Be Worse” (2003)

Bleu (a.k.a. James McAuley III) got help on his second full-length album from fellow power pop sympathizers like Semisonic”s Dan Wilson and Andy Sturmer of Jellyfish, who co-wrote and sang backup on “Could Be Worse”.

Video of the Week: Dan Wilson Explains How He Hid His Hit Song’s Meaning in Plain View


Dan Wilson, singer and songwriter of the band Semisonic, reveals the true meaning behind the band’s biggest hit at his 25th reunion at his alma mater, Harvard.

Songs You May Have Missed #517


Dan Wilson: “Love Without Fear” (2014)

Semisonic front man and main songwriter Dan Wilson’s creative and commercial peak may be a couple decades in the rear view at this point, but he can still turn an appealing melody and lyric phrase. Actually, his writing always seemed a bit “mature” for the grunge-influenced era of Semisonic’s peak anyway, so it fits nicely into the AOR slot which will inevitably be the market for his latest solo LP.

His too-infrequent releases always find welcome where melodic, coherent and heartfelt music is still appreciated.

Do check out the other recommendations below. Semisonic’s Great Divide is truly one of the most unjustly overlooked albums of the 1990’s.

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